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Pamela Dwyer

Pamela grew up in Glasgow, studying acting and performing from a very young age. She moved down to London to study her BA(Hons) Acting degree and since graduating has worked as a professional actress and teacher in all aspects of the industry.

Pamela’s drama classes are tailored to the age group she is working with. For the younger children she focuses primarily on developing their imagination and communication skills, and when working with older children she focuses on expression and social skills, as well as building self confidence and creativity.

Booking Options

2-3 Hours sessions (Half Day)
4-6 hour sessions (Full School Day)
4 Week course
6 Week course
8 Week course
10 Week course

We can negotiate a session plan that works for you depending on your needs and circumstances.
Please call us or email us via the contacts page for more information and a free quote.

Pamela Dwyer


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