AOCA in action working with the latin youth of LAYF funded by Lambeth Council in Brixton watch video now

The outlines and the successes of this summer HAP or SU course, including learning outcomes for children and young people (key skills, accreditation, recognised qualification etc) and areas of good practice developed.

“During the music workshop, several participants, E.Q. aged 16, A.D. aged 16, and J.M. aged 19, excelled in writing poetry and composing lyrics. Their lyrics and poems are displayed on the ‘Together As One 2014’ blog:
The rap workshop was coordinated by Paul Barratt (MC Solomon) who has been teaching music production, lyric writing, and performance skills to young people who have fallen out of education, employment or training since 2005. It aimed to inspire the young group to explore the creative arts and develop hands-on skills, for the benefit of their future career paths in the creative arts. The result was the creation of three songs about identity and storytelling.”

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